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Engine Rebuilding Services
Classic Car City specializes in engine rebuilding and engine repair company serving customers worldwide with a complete line of rebuilt engines / remanufactured engines, high performance engines, cylinder heads, crankshafts, engine restoration services, engine repair services and engine components.
Whats included in my engine rebuilding:

New parts:
Piston rings
Oil pump
Timing chain, gears, belt
Connecting rod bearings
Main bearings Pistons
Valve train components

Typical remachined components:
Valve seats
Connecting rods

All engines receive:
New spark plugs
New air filter
New water pump
New hoses and belts
New motor mounts
Oil change and filter
New thermostat
New anti-freeze
New fuel filter
High Performance Engines
High Performance Engines are custom built with the best possible parts at the best possible price to deliver the most driveable performance possible. High Performance Engines can give you high horsepower outputs and allows you run with or out run almost any car on the street or track.
Engine Rebuilding
Classic Car City
Engine Rebuilding
Classic Car City
Engine Rebuilding
Classic Car City
Engine RebuildingEngine RebuildingEngine RebuildingEngine Rebuilding
Engine RebuildingEngine RebuildingEngine Rebuilding
Engine Rebuilding
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