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Classic Car CityMaking The Classic Car Dream A Reality!
The term classic cars i.e. old school cars are used to describe older cars, but the exact meaning is subject to a difference in opinion. The Classic Car Club of America, maintains that 20 years to 45 years constitutes the definition of classic cars. We will make the dream of being a classic car owner a reality.
Classic automobiles can be very expensive to purchase once they have already been restored. Our company will offer two unique options to our customers; (1). we will sale our automobiles in their “raw” state, meaning we will sale our classic cars before they have been restored. Not only will this make the classic car sale affordable, but this will also allow the buyer to restore the vehicle to what they deem to be “classic”. (2). The second option will allow you to choose one of our vehicles in its “raw” state and we will restore it according to your specifications and budget.
We also offer Engine Rebuilding and Engine Repair, INCLUDING HIGH PERFORMANCE ENGINES. Click Here for Engines
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Rebuilt Camaro Z28 LT1 Engine: High quality Eagle Crank, Scat Rods, High Compression 11:1, Rebuilt Cylinder Heads, Bored Over .030
We cater to our customers by providing the best customer service in the business. With services like No Credit Check Financing, our buyers will be able to make up to 16 equal installments (monthly payments) toward the purchase of the vehicle. We're a family-owned business with old-fashioned values…like honesty and integrity.
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